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Nearly Dead is a 2D open-world survival video game. It’s about your struggle trying to survive from a brutal situation where demons from a different dimension have turned most of mankind into zombies and inhuman things.

You are going to face this apocalypse and make it through a rough time by any means, or you will end up being one of ‘them’. Speaking of the method, it‘s not always necessary to mash zombies’ heads. You have to assemble other survivors, establish a settlement, build an apocalypse truck and prepare various supplies for further plans to survive.

Also, we did a Kickstarter Campaign for this game and successfully finished a campaign, Achieving $15,424.

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JSON Editor (Modding friendly system)

Multiple sub-races through ‘mutation’

All-terrain can be destroyed and can be crafted

Seamless loading, Semi-random map generation

Multiplayer (In Future Plan) (Co-op, possibly PVP)


Fact Sheet

Developer: Mono Software, based in South Korea
Release Date: September 10, 2021. (Early Access)
Price: $24.99
Availability: Digital Download at Steam
Languages: English, Korean
ESRB: Rating Pending (Possibly Mature 17+)
Press Contact:
File Size: 700 MB
Social: Steam Reddit Twitter Discord



For other inquires, contact us at
Nearly Dead Support Center
Mono, Head Developer